APVM Mixtape Series 06

A special re-release on cassette: NYC-via-London breakbeat wizard DJ DB’s History of Our World jungle mixes.
Original artwork by Dave Nodz of Suburban Base.

Side A - HOOW Part One (originally released 1994)
Side B - HOOW Part Two (originally released 1996)

Runtime - 90 minutes
4 panel fold out J-card printed in NYC by Secret Riso Club, with printed sticker on case.
Duplicated and assembled by hand in NYC.

"DB released these two albums in '94 & '96, at a time when mainstream America had very little access to underground electronic music. With Jungle being one of the most niche forms due to its many subgenres, it became doubly hard for retailers, and therefore kids, to get their hands on it.

In fact, Part 1 was the very first UK Jungle music compilation to be released in the US. Profile Records, the label that originally released the record, was pleasantly surprised by the sales, as very little marketing had gone into it. Pockets of Jungle Rave fans appeared in unexpected parts of America such as Knoxville, Tennessee & strange towns in North & South Carolina. When DB would play in these places, he’d be thrilled to sign both legit copies of the CDs & homemade bootlegs too.

Musically, the period between '92-'96 was extraordinary, especially '92-'94 in terms of tempos. Every few months, the BPMs (beats per minute) on the records were a little faster than they had been the months before. We’ve not really experienced anything quite like the explosion of musical creativity & the scene that surrounded it since. There are many reasons for this, but creatively it was the sudden availability & the decrease in the cost of home studio technology. This was also a brief period when there were almost as many producers, DJs, promoters, graphic designers, and label owners in the UK Jungle scene who were black as there were who were white. There is no other music genre that has ever come close to that kind of diversity.

In a recent interview, when asked if he'd come out of retirement to play festivals now, DB said he is “...happy Jungle is finally having its day in the U.S., but [he] hate[s] most modern DNB.” Saying, to his ears, it’s tarnished with the EDM pre-set sounds & feels a bit too formulaic. Plus, being from a different era, he's not sure he could ever learn to do all those DJ hand movements & poses."

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